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【番外編】 Time Flies…(when you’re having fun) 時間が経つのは早い!



There is one expression that I have heard over and over again in the past few weeks. The expression originated from the Latin phrase “Tempus Fugit” and is related to how each of us perceives time. Can you guess which expression I am referring to? It is “Time flies,” or its longer version, “Time flies when you're having fun.” This refers to the feeling that time appears to pass more quickly when engaged in something enjoyable. Perhaps it’s used more these days as another year comes to an end.

So why do we feel time differently at this time of year? Is it because we are busy tying up loose ends before the last day of work? Or maybe because we’re bustling with year-end events, shopping for Christmas or booking a trip to see family. Psychologists say the real reason is related to learning new things and how memory works. Whatever the reason, is it good when times seems to move so fast? A subjective question, indeed.

Perhaps the easiest way to answer the question is to look at the alternative, the occasions at which time appears to move very slowly. Personally, I recall my high school biology class when the clock seemed to be at a standstill. Or how about being stuck in a meeting that you feel is unproductive; time just drags on and on. It seems that when it comes to time, it is either too fast or too slow; rarely just right.

Let’s look at it from a positive perspective. Time flying by seems to indicate that we are being stimulated by the things that are happening around us, and, therefore, we do not have time to look at the clock? Working on projects and meeting people means that we are engaged with others and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

So, as time seems to pass faster and faster while we head towards the end of the year, remember that it is that way because we have purpose in life…and that is surely a good thing.

Wishing you health and happiness, always.

Mark Tofflemire


engaged in何かをするのに忙しい
time up loose end 完了していないタスクを終わらせること
be at a standstill動いていない
drags on持続する、長引く

 日本語 意訳

この数週間で何度も耳にした表現があります。 この表現は、ラテン語の "Tempus Fugit "に由来するもので、私たちが時間をどのように認識しているかに関係しています。どの表現を指しているかわかりますか?それは "Time flies "であり、長いバージョンでは "Time flies when you're having fun. "となります。これは、何か楽しいことをしていると、時間の経過が早く感じられるということです。今年も終わりに近づき、この言葉が多く使われるようになったのかもしれません。


この質問に答える最も簡単な方法は、時間が非常にゆっくりと流れているように見える場面を見てみることです。時間が非常にゆっくりと動いているように見える場合です。個人的には、高校の生物の授業で、時計が止まっているように見えたことを思い出します。また、非生産的な会議に参加していると、時間がどんどん過ぎていくのを感じます。 時間というものは、早すぎたり遅すぎたりするもので、ちょうどいいということはあまりないようです。



Mark Tofflemire

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