Words of the Year





  • tame: calm, quiet, not overly exciting
  • gain traction :an idea that grows in popularity and acceptance
  • flip through :slang for vaccine
  • vax :slang for vaccine
  • anti-vaxxer :a person who strongly opposes vaccines
  • perseverance :continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties in line with: similar to
  • resilience : an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change
  • go out on a limb:take a risk
  • push back :resist, protest
  • backbone :resist, protest
  • gravitate toward :move toward something or be attracted to something

Words of the Year



A very Happy New Year to all! I trust that everyone had a safe and tame New Year’s eve. And, as the idea of sober curious gains traction, many of you may have woken up January 1st with a clear head. Well, it is a brand new year and a time for us to be filled with a wonderful sense of optimism as the mysteries of 2022 await. I encourage you to take a moment after reading this and flip through or scroll through your schedule for the year. Focus on all the vacant spaces and imagine what they will be filled with, who you will meet, and the opportunities that will arise; this is an exciting way to look at the year that lies ahead.

But before looking to 2022, let’s take a moment and reflect on 2021. Specifically, I would like to look at the words of the year. According to Oxford Dictionary, “vax,” short for vaccine, was the word of the year. Not surprisingly, this word was used very much as many people were all rushing to get vaccinated…except the “anti-vaxxers” of course. Cambridge lists the word of the year as “perseverance,” something that has been very much needed over the past two years; this is in line with Arianna Huffington’s 2020 choice, “resilience.”

How about 2022? If we fast forward to the end of the year, what will this year’s word be? I’ll go out on a limb here and predict it to be “align” or “alignment.” Why? As more and more companies ask employees to return to the office, workers will either push back or leave the company in order to “align” their personal interests with work life. I also believe that more progressive companies will use this as a recruiting tool to attract top talent. This, in turn, will force the more conservative companies to either align their work policies with the needs of employees, or lose them.

Although this may sound like bad news for inflexible employers, it is very positive news for workers, the backbone to any economy. As people gravitate toward the things like work-life integration and align their work lives with their personal lives, societies will move toward higher levels of satisfaction and overall happiness. Perhaps years from now when the pandemic has passed, we will look back on this period of perseverance and resilience and see that it did indeed bring us both challenges and positive changes.


Wishing you health and happiness always,



Mark Tofflemire

Tailor Made Inc.




しかし、2022年に目を向ける前に、2021年を振り返ってみましょう。具体的には、「今年の言葉」を見てみたいと思います。オックスフォード辞典によると、「vax」(ワクチンの略)が今年の言葉でした。多くの人がこぞってワクチン接種を急ぐ中、この言葉が非常に多く使われたのは当然だろう...もちろん「アンチヴァックス派」を除いてはだが。ケンブリッジ大学の今年の言葉は "perseverance "で、この2年間とても必要とされてきたものです。これは、アリアナ・ハフィントンが2020年に選んだ "resilience "と一致しています。

2022年はどうでしょうか。もし、年末まで早送りするとしたら、今年の言葉は何になるのでしょうか。ここではあえて、"align "または "alignment "と予想します。なぜか?会社に戻ることを求める企業が増える中、社員は自分の趣味と仕事の趣味を「一致」させるために、反発するか、会社を辞めるでしょう。また、より先進的な企業は、これを優秀な人材を獲得するためのリクルートツールとして利用すると私は考えています。そうなれば、保守的な企業も、従業員のニーズに合った労働政策をとるか、従業員を失うかのどちらかを迫られることになるでしょう。



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